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February 2, 2011
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HA: Charles H. Gibson by SteamDog HA: Charles H. Gibson by SteamDog
Charles is my submission for a Teacher (or just a student if a teacher isn't available) in :iconhalloweenacademy:, even he looks more like a science professor, thou D: Anyway, now it's time to wait... TILL MARCH (please comment D: )

Name: Dr. Charles Henry Gibson (the mad scientist)
Age when "died": 38 years old
Current Body’s Appearance: 21 years (He’s been living with that body for only 1 year so he would be like 39.)
Sex: Male
Height: 6”20
Weight: 218 lb.
Species: Self-Made Frankenstein
Quote: “I didn’t think, I experimented”

Talents: Huge knowledge at medicine (mainly surgery since he has a PHD), engineering, science (has a thing for it), building/repairing machines, chemistry, and doing some others experiments. He's got an Alchemy influences too, but since nowone let him practice it, he keep it to himself.

♦ Mature and softhearted (the last one is hard to get).
♦ He’s very intelligent and wise, knows a lot about his field so he can talk for hours about it.
♦ Optimist, he likes to make jokes about its own condition like: "I haven't lost my mind, I know exactly where I left it"
♦ Knows how to hanlde and use a great variety of machines and tools.
♦ His curiosity makes him do any kind of ingenious and dangerous experiments all time when he can get some new knowledge.

♦ He would love to solve everyone's problems if possible, but he isn't quite good with emotions and feelings.
♦ Often gets cranky when something disgusts him or isn't working out as he wants.
♦ He might be surrounded by people, but still is a bit of a loner... he can be creepy without knowing it, specially while wearing his goggles.
♦ To be true, all his body isn’t well connected to the brain, so he might be clumsy sometimes.
♦ He's bad at trying pull out jokes and sucks at sports.

Tourquoise eyes, sharp teeth, his skin is rather dead-purple but it’s hardly noticed, it passes as a normal one. Charles’ body has a lot of scars at his arms, neck, head and legs but there’s a big one in his chest in form of a Zig-Zag that he opens and closes to replenish organs (it's ashamed of all of them). Likes to dress formally but somehow he always ends up looking careless and wearing whatever he can put on.

Charles is an active, funny, and emotional man even though he likes to keep all his problems to himself. Very worrysome with others, likes to get in problems that aren't his. Most of his habits are boring and and his comments are lame or too complicated; he tries very hard to be polite and don't offend anybody. Sometimes he loses his nerve, gets all crazy and carried away so he can scare others by talking too much or just with a weirdo look. Looks like he's always full of energy, he's extremly eccentric and behaves as a teenager when it comes to science, wandering around all places and seeing everything as something that can amuse him; but always being aware that it might hurt someone so he tries to keep it easy. Mature when is with others, he acts like a cool and caring dad for some of the youngsters he knows; he knows how to be patient and never give up, he's always and possitive person, stands up for what he believes is right and its capable of accepting those things he doesn't really like or make him feel unconfortable.
To wrap it up, he behaves serene, easy a gentle 90% of the times.

Charles still gets fun, so he causes trouble, not by making pranks but with annoying or weird comments that can be misunderstood. With his “bear trap like” smile, he might look mischievous but he isn’t at all. He never uses sarcasm, he just like to tease others with clever comments.

Totally a mess, both his appearance and work places are always are always unattended, you’ll think since he’s mature and quiet he would be clean, but his mind works 24/7 so he doesn’t have time to clean; he’s not usually late or absent to a meeting or appointment, gets all the things he has to do... DONE, he takes the punctuality stuff really serious.
He believes he’s always right, he doesn’t like to be corrected. He’s kind off obsessed with himself, most likely of doing some upgrades to his body.
Rather a pacifist, sometimes he's so calm he disturbs others, when someone insults his old family he can get bestial. Finally, he has a “science-maniac” mode when he gets an idea (it not like he’s other, he just gets too carried away), he’s been always quite weird thou.

Likes: Science, medicne, machines, electricity experiments, the human body (no, he’s not a perv), renaissance literature, classical music, dogs, reading books, himself.
Dislikes: Boredom, lousy young boys, pranks, over reacting, stupidity, sweets, loud noises, and a lot of things (geez grandpa’).
Hobbies: Reading British literature, reading science books, doing all sort of experiments, studying, walking around, smoking pipe, helping others.

Background Story: You can read his story here: [link] Cuz' otherwhise this comment would be too fucking HUGE D': )

♦ Since he’s a self-made Frankenstein, he doesn’t have super strength; just a strength above average.
♦ Immensely intelligent and literate, having read a lot of extremely difficult and huge medicine books, science books and also stories from Agatha Christie, Wilde, Rousseau, Jane Austen, Wyatt, Shakespeare and other British authors (he’s a very romantic fella).
♦ He’s happy both lonely or with other people and very passive when it’s not about experiments or research, but if, for a second, an idea pops in his mind he gets all crazy and goes all nuts talking a lot, taking samples, doing notes or just running back to his lab.
♦ Gets easily scarred/disturbed by loud noises, then embarrassed and angry because of that.
♦ He makes a lot of things crash, explode or just die (when experimenting with human beings), this isn’t on purpose, is because of the adaptation to his new body.

♦ He also travels with a huge and heavy machine and can’t be far away from it for more than a week; this electrical machine is something he had to create when he realized that his new heart couldn’t beat for himself for more than 3 days, that’s why he has to give himself electrical shocks every night via those electrodes in his neck.
♦ The electrical shocks keep him electrified for a while, so it's dangerous to touch him 5 hours within.
♦ He couldn’t make ears either, that’s why he has a pair of speakers with a radio signal in his head working as ears.
♦ What makes him sincerely happy is to take care of little children and play as a tutor (not a pedo, srsly) and be around quiet animals (…that either).
♦ Atheist, he doesn't believe in god.
♦ The fact that he used to run his own hospital makes him a really rich man, but he doesn't like to brag about it.

Reasons for being in HA:
He might be a smartass for some things, since he used to be a grown up, had a job and everything; but now with his new body and the way his brain was transplanted he suffers from clumsiness and it gets harder for him to do ordinary things, this is why nobody in town liked him anymore as a Frankenstein. Since he can't run his hospital back in Ireland anymore, he would like to join as a Science, Basic Medicine or just Biology teacher in a place where he's not a weirdo, maybe helping to people injured or just being in a place where he can belong (as student if there's no other choice since he also want to learn about his new body and how to control it 100%).
Also he wants to overcome what happened to his family and realized that locking himself up in his mansion wouldn’t help, he would like to socialize with people like him.

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TL; DR. (NO, please read! D: I swear is worth it”)

OH GOD THIS MUST BE THE LONGEST AUTHOR'S COMMENT EVERRR! I’m sorry, I got all excited, just couldn’t stop writing.
Well at least here he is, another OC, I really liked how he came out and all, srsly hope he gets in as a teacher or student, I would like to see how I can handle Charles.
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